Going the Social Distance

June 30, 2020

Going the Social Distance

It used to be an exaggeration, “My phone hasn’t rung in months.” But that’s exactly what I said when the phone rang on May 18th and Liliana Somma of School of Music and Dance wondered if we were still in business and, if so, she was interested in renting a series of fabric structures as a dynamic stage backdrop for her school’s dance recital in Hermosa Beach, California, in June. 

Liliana and her husband, Dan Galitzen, were determined to not only pull this off but against all odds, were determined to keep this as a live event. 

The Originators designed and rented a series of turquoise and purple “multi-point wings” to fill their 70’wide x 10’h truss frame backdrop.

Just as importantly, they asked us for flexibility in our rental period, knowing that overcoming so many obstacles may take longer than anticipated and delays were likely. 

Of course, the Originators were all too happy to comply.

Liliana and Dan moved the location to an outdoor venue and took every precaution, including spreading the recital out over 3 days, to make this happen. They crowd-controlled and social distanced their audience beyond the CDC approved 6’ safety zones and found their hyper-vigilance paid off – they created a safe environment that imbued everyone with confidence and a peace of mind that enabled all attendees and performers to forget about the world for even a few hours. 

The Originators are proud of Liliana and Dan and the School of Music and Dance for stepping up and committing to producing a live event. May they mark the return of events as we’ve known them.

– Marc Posnock



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