The Originators’ Pledge

Out of Doors Fabric Structures are still highlighting events and festivals

“The world breaks every one and afterward
many are strong at the broken places.”

  – Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

Many of us in the world of live events seem genetically predisposed to having an indefatigable, positive spirit and talent for making things happen – especially in the face of great adversity. So it is with little surprise that we’re dusting ourselves off and starting all over again…but now stronger “at the broken places.”

What will the world of live events be like when we emerge from the catastrophic, suspended-animation that is 2020?

Even though we can’t see a horizon line and don’t know how long the journey will be or what live events will even look like when we get there, the Originators are still here and ready to lend our continued support and determination to get the job done. We’re sure we speak for everyone when we pledge our energy, adaptability and faith knowing that, together, we’ll again carve out our niche in this new world order. 

The Originators honor our indomitable colleague’s perseverance, resilience and fortitude by taking our work to an even higher level in ways intended to breed confidence, excitement and success in the return of our multi-billion dollar industry. Know that we are shoulder-to-shoulder, Event-strong!

The Originators have proudly been a part of the special events industry for over 30 years. 

We’ve had the privilege of making a living by bringing art to industry and are determined to continue to do so.

This spirit is the real antidote to our challenging times…and is the way we’ll rally and

make live events live again! 

The Originators are proud to present, some new originations meant to ensure that we all get back to doing what we do best…sooner than later!

  • Antimicrobial fabrics used to remake our classic structures – safe and secure walls and tunnels
  • CDC sanctioned safety protocols in place for pulling, packing and delivering all jobs
  •  Introducing The DIVIDING LINE, iPods and iPop Backdrops – all using specially treated anti-viral/microbial fabrics for a line of free-standing walls, enclosures to create buffered zones and pop-up backdrops for virtual displays and conference calls – all intended to make it easier for people to gather safely again
  • Introducing LeMasqueNYC – a new Originators subsidiary- dedicated to making freshly designed, high-quality, fashion-forward fabric face coverings…
  • Introducing the new website. Loaded with informative detail and high-impact photos, the site is super easy to navigate and is the ideal tool to use when offering clients the latest innovations in fabric and frame.

We trust you’ll see us as you always have, a valued partner in making live events live again!

We’re still here…how can we help you?

We look forward to seeing you all soon! 

Keep the faith and stay vigilant, safe and sound. 

– Marc & Debra