The Dividing Line



Viral-defiant, antimicrobial Fabric Walls

Create buffered zones where people can gather with confidence


The Originators’ have combined their signature sculptural wall collection with brand new antimicrobial fabric to create risk-free environments.

Lightweight and aesthetically-pleasing, Originators’ free-standing Walls are designed to enhance, complement and harmonize  with pre-existing interior designs.

All fabrics are treated with 24/7 Protective Shield Technology – 99.9% effective, Environmentally safe, People friendly, Non-toxic, Colorless, Odorless, FDA and EPA Approved. A single treatment on fabric lasts over 100 washes & 12 months.

  • Dividing Line Walls can be re-configured as needed.
  • Partitioned spaces become contact-free, safe zones. 
  • Allows a more economical use of existing floor space while adhering to all public health protocols.

We’re in this together.
We’re here to help.
We’ll see you on the other side.

The Originators designs, fabricates, sells and rents innovative fabric structures for creative interactive environments and displays for the trade show, film, event, architectural, museum and retail industries. 

Uses include custom stage sets, scenic elements, trade show booths, museum exhibits, architectural displays, signs, printed graphics and staging.