We Are Open for Business

The Originators, Debra and Marc, invite you to our Grand Opening of LeMasqueNYC!

The Originators have originated another business for pandemic times!
MEET…. LeMasqueNYC!
Above, Debra and Marc in NYC, pre-pandemic
before photo: Ale B
Below, they are sporting their brand new LeMasque.

LeMasque cloth face covering. Fashion accessory made in the usa in many vintage inspired fabric styles

Grand Opening!

You’re Invited!

Debra and Marc are proud and pleased to invite you
to the launching of their latest venture, LeMasqueNYC, a fashion-forward, fabric face mask company.

As people who devoted a lifetime to the design and manufacture of fabric structures,

the big kind,

this pivot took the Originators, literally, from feet to inches as they showed some love and re-designed the long neglected, woebegone, fabric face covering,

the small kind.


The Originators worked tirelessly to build LeMasqueNYC in the face of the business-shuttering pandemic. They mobilized their production and distribution lines, re-tooled their sewing and printing departments and created state-of-the-art fabric face masks – with improved ergonomics, better comfort and breathability, a high filtration level and a stylish new look… all intended to make LeMasque irresistible – ensuring the robust adoption of the fabric face mask.

LeMasque finds the perfect balance of breathability and protection.

With guaranteed all-day comfort
sustainable materials
highly-effective filtration
stylish designs and made in the USA

it’s time to #MasqUPLeMasque - The Fashion Forward Face Mask

LeMasque on Le-go-go.  We are masked all around town. #MasqUP!
Mask up with LeMasque!

Here is the link to LeMasqueNYC.com