Fabric at the Kinderland Activation

Originators’s On Broadway.
Fabric Structures Provide Kinderland Activation
 a Delicious and Creamy Center!

Soft and sensuous with slow and delicious, gentle curves, the Originators’ stretch-fabric structures were a big hit for days; enveloping throngs of guests for a Kinder Chocolates’ activation, Kinderland, which opened on Broadway in New York City in November.

Enter the Creamy Center at Kinderland on Broadway.
The Kinderland Activation includes a Delicious and Creamy Center!

The Originators’ were delighted to be charged by designer Larry Abel, of Abel McCallister Abel, to create a wholly immersive environment that oozes “a creamy, milky essence.” Debra Roth, Originators’ chief creative, loved that the “’Creamy, Milky Center’ was ours to impact.”

The drawings, plans, eye-candy, 3D drawing for the Kinderland immersive brand activation.
The drawings, plans, eye-candy, 3D drawing. Take a look!

To begin, a series of modular, L-shaped, white fabric, serpentine-shaped SeeShell Tunnels transition guests into the sweet inner world of a Kinder candy bar.

 Fabric Structures Provide Kinderland Activation a Delicious and Creamy Center

One could not help but snap away as one entered the Creamy Center at the Kinderland experiential activation.

Immediately upon exiting the tunnel – from the Smooth Milk Chocolate bar exterior to its Creamy, Milky Center – a series of sleek and taut, 8’ tall, curved, free-standing white fabric walls surround the space, transforming the environment in a complete and most unexpected way. It even sounded different. It was soft. (Until the screaming kids arrived!)

Then a grouping of free-standing, upright, flute-shaped “Trumpets,” gave the visual design an upward flow, enhancing the impact of the playful, sensory-tickling space.

The Creamy Center came alive at the Kinderland immersive activation on Broadway.

The Originators’s Creamy, Milky Center was so captivating and exciting that on-site traffic monitors had their hands full keeping fascinated kids of all ages from causing bottlenecks…finding this abundance of visuals so irresistible to all their social media platforms. 

The activation was a huge success, marking yet another tremendous achievement for Abel McCallister Abel and a stellar opportunity for the Originators to bring its sculptural fabric designs to enhance and enliven a live event. We are grateful.

The Originators, Debra Roth and Marc Posnock in the immersive branded experience for Kinderland
The Originators, Debra Roth and Marc Posnock in the immersive branded experience for Kinderland