When is a tunnel NOT a tunnel?

When it’s an activation!

When it’s a lounge!

When it’s an interactive experience!

The steep requirements for such an activation called for…

– a structure that would limit outside distractions by creating its own stand-alone environment.


– the structure would envelope attendees so they could focus on a variety of displays.


– and it would lead them through a meandering series of interactive, touch-sensitive screens and state-of-the-art holograms – immersing them in the world of internet security.

– Check.

– the structure would be wide and tall enough for clusters of guests to gather and not feel claustrophobic.

– Check.

– And, at the same time, the exterior of such a structure would provide a insta-worthy backdrop for a lounge area for guests to relax. 

– And, fingers-crossed, somehow the structure’s design would echo the arcs and curves of the domed Bespoke interior –

– Check, check and check!

Enter the Originators with an ideal solution – fulfilling a custom design with an off-the-shelf, ready-made rental – a complementary dramatic design that exceeded all the requirements including enlivening the vast space in a surprising way.

The Originators’ signature SeeShell Tunnel fit the bill perfectly. With its variety of shapes and sizes, 10’ and 20’ long sections along with 90° Turns, they created a serpentine-shape, over 120 linear feet, that zipped, seamlessly, together.

Within the tunnel, it’s hard to take a bad photograph…the setting compels a selfie.

This time the tunnel IS the destination and not a transitional scenic element that sets the tone and key first impression of what’s to come.


The Originators’ The SeeShell Tunnel

– is a modular system of tunnels with each section having a 10’ or 20’ depth. 

– is especially flexible in their 10′ height and 10’width. The depth remains the same, but you can make it a few feet narrower, and it squeezes a few feet taller, or make it a little wider and it gets a little shorter.

– is as wide as 14’ with a height of 8’.

– is comprised of modular sections that can zip, seamlessly, to the next, allowing you to have a continuous depth of tunnel for as long as you want. 

– is also comprised of the Turn – a new modular section whose unique twist allows for a change of direction.

The 10 most popular requirements for a tunnel…

– We need to project onto it.
– We need the projection to be visible from the inside.
– We need it to be in our client’s brand colors.
– We need it to go down steps.
– We need it to fit within an 8’wide space. Or is it 10’ wide?
– We need it to be 110’ long. No, make that 130’ long.
– We need it to make a left turn…or a right turn.
– We need it to be completely enveloping
and seamless.
– We need it to be rentable.
– And we need it now!

YES!!!      YES!!!        YES!!!


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