LumiNature Zoo Activation

Of course, your work deserves to be outstanding!

And the Originators can help get you there by providing an array of large-scale, magnetically-appealing fabric structure designs that can bring your vision to life.

We can help!

The Philly Zoo transformed their grounds into a series of illuminated environments that combined dynamic lighting with dramatic set and sound design. These large-scale, multi-dimensional Originators’ shapes marked the world premiere of LumiNature which drew great crowds and contributed to the fun and excitement of the holiday season.

Like pieces of a puzzle, a variety of Originators’ three-dimensional, sculptural fabric structures fit perfectly into the scenic design – rounding out the overall look of the zoo.

“Large Crests,” and branded “TearDrops,” along with extra-large, custom-printed “CrossWay Arches” and a “Polar Vortex” were out standing in a large oval fountain by the front entrance of the zoo. A brilliant lighting design brought these structures to life, adding a vibrancy and high visual impact to the zoo’s main entrance. It’s impossible to take a bad picture as the swirling light highlights the alluring, unique shapes of the structures which made for thousands of instagrammable moments.

Festival of Lights Holiday PhillyZoo-Entry-Twilight experiential zoo tour

We were out standing at the entrance to LumiNature at the Philly Zoo!

Take a sneak peek through the entrance of the Philly Zoo.

And spy the magical, irresistible allure of Originators fabric structures.

Holiday festival of lights at the PhillyZoo Penguin Field

And we were out standing in a photogenic field of penguins!

All lighting needs a surface.

Marking the debut of LumiNature at the Philly Zoo, 

we were out standing in a fountain…

This harmonic mix of fabric structures captured the dynamic 

lighting design and imagination of over 80 thousand guests 

over the holiday season.

Originally published November 2019