Tunnels R US

Every event has its own unique set of challenges needing to be met.
Who doesn’t want a unique and creative way to transition guests…
from the elevators to the ballroom…or across the parking lot to the tent?

Or winding through the hotel kitchen or even down the escalator and into the ballroom

 The 10 most popular requirements for a tunnel…

– We need to project onto it.
– We need the projection to be visible from the inside.
– We need it to be in our client’s brand colors.
– We need it to go down steps.
– We need it to fit within an 8’wide space. Or is it 10’ wide?
– We need it to be 110’ long. No, make that 130’ long.
– We need it to make a left turn…or a right turn.
– We need it to be completely enveloping
and seamless.
– We need it to be rentable.
– And we need it now!


Tunnels R’ Us!