High Maintenance

HBO High Maintenance Fabric Tunnel-Originators Design TV Production

“High Maintenance” Chooses the Originators to produce a unique piece of human anatomy for Live Special Effects


The Originators were called on to produce a unique piece of human anatomy for a fantasy sequence in the highly acclaimed HBO show, “High Maintenance.” 

Rather than create a dynamic visual effect through computer generated imaging (CGI), the art director’s of “High Maintenance” enlisted the sculptural skills and high-quality precision work of the Originators design & build teams to create a large-scale, anatomically-correct model of a human colon and “exit.”

The Originators modified a 40’ long fabric tunnel by curving in the bottom edges to create the illusion of a ciruclar-shaped, tubular tunnel. As well, they tapered its height from 8’ to 2’-6” which gave the visual a curious forced-perspective trick-of-the-eye.

The structure photographed incredibly well – looking especially real and taking their lighting design and evenly spreading it across the surface of the structure. This all gave a surreal quality to the sequence which the star/director reported back that it was his most favorite scene to shoot in the history of the show. He was ecstatic and we thanked him, saying we were never so happy being an asshole!

Behind-the-scenes (sorry) photos and the filmed sequence are right here…


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