Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade

The Originators are great at throwing shade. In the literal sense of the words, Originators’ fabric shade structures have become a top item of the live events producer’s check list. These days, CDC recommendations for holding safe events are a tremendous challenge but hardly impossible. And we’re here to tell you that we can help get you there!

Tension fabric structures event design decor

With outdoor settings and social distancing assuring a higher degree of safety – along with the de rigueur fabric face covering on all attendees – savvy producers know that being outdoors presents a whole new set of circumstances to deal with. Aside from wind and rain, too much direct sun can wreak havoc on an event. From toasting guests who have no refuge from the beating sun to warming cold food or encouraging heated food to go bad quicker, to relentlessly melting ice, the Originators shade solution melds form and function, offering exciting visual design, at once functional and aesthetically pleasing.

High Impact Visual Shade Structures

We’re pleased to say that Originators sculptural fabric structures are in great demand and have become the go-to scenic element that provides much-needed shade while offering a beautiful visual.

Check out the Stilted Chill here…

The Stilted Chill is 40’dia x 25’h (center pole), with an 8’h around the perimeter. They are available for rent or purchase in white or a wide array of color so you’ll want to consult the Color Breakdown Chart to see what’s available. 

Of course, the Stilted Chill requires a support structure which we also have available for rent. 

It consists of 6 – 8’h Custom Perimeter Poles and 1 – 25’h Center Pole.

Alternatively, client’s can provide their own support system – a combination of Truss and Steel Poles…and we can review the details so it’s a stable, safe rig. 

Additionally, it’s important to note, the Stilted Chill requires ballast, at least 300lbs. of additional weight, per perimeter point (6), to counter worst-scenario wind-loads.

Client’s rent water barrels or cement blocks to achieve the anchorage necessary.

Live events are coming back. Keeping things safe and sound while maintaining a fun, enjoyable vibe is the challenge producers face and that Originators’ shade structures can help them overcome.

Since being outdoors is where it’s at right now, the Originators’ sculptural shade structures are filling a need. From multi-layered mosaics of free-form wings to tent-like structures, these unique stretch-fabric structures are now a part of our CDC-recommended protocols for pulling, packing and shipping from our sealed storage facility.