A Giant Maze on Miami Beach!

A-Maze-ing, fabric maze, event marketing, activation

It’s summer and once again I wanted to make sure you have seen our festival gigs as of late!  This one is a Fabric Maze for Jeep.  Part of an I Heard Radio Summer Festival Concert Events we quickly installed a 40’ x 40’ maze on the beach!

It wasn’t so easy, and we did it really well!  The weather held up and enjoy!

Gotta Love those early mornings on the Beach!  It is Summertime which means Festival Time!

Debra Roth and ChadAmazing partners in South Florida made it all possible.  We were able to extra deliver for our event marketing client, Jeep and agency Hatch.im.

It’s our favorite kinda work! Collaborative, Creative, and Challenging!

tension fabric structures experiential immersive environment design

Miami Beach is a tough place for a truss structure sturdy enough for the beach weather.  And weather it was days before but luckily it all worked out for the festival. The activation was a contest for I Heart Radio festival goers transmitting Jeep’s marketing message.

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