You Got Balls!

A Ball Pit for Grownups! This experience, for me was…FANTASTIC!

Did you do this when you were a kid?  I did not.  And now that I have been initiated….I loved it! It brings out the kid in everyone. It’s so basic. It’s nature, organic. It flows, once you are in you have no choice but to jump in!

adult ball pit - 02
adult ball pit - 01

When you begin, it’s a bit scary, you sink, really sink, weightless in a substance and you began to get covered and panic a bit and even the idea of drowning enters your mind…however, you quickly acknowledge you are in a ball pit not water or quick sand or….And after all this is PLAY!

ADULT BALL PIT PLAY!  Falling, sinking, getting up, out of balance, finding new ways of moving, new muscles that tickle ones funny bone or gives you childlike wonderment. Play. And then there’s the visuals, the mellow fun clean organic textured beauty and we want PICTURES! Photos galore!

adult ball pit - 03
adult ball pit - 05

There we were in Soho at Pearlfisher, a creative agency as they opened their studio to the public with a special interactive art installation offering timed free tickets to #Jumpin an all white Adult Ball Pit (fyi, 81,000 white balls).

The experiential marketing company leveraged social media and word of mouth by delivering a well designed experience and providing play to bring about extraordinary results for creative thinking.

Of course this is a great social media decor environment. “Selfies” are taken and posted as people love to share them with their community.  All of us designers should take advantage of these instagramable moments and create these visuals to use these channels to our advantage – they exist and this project really proves it!

View these social media moments on instagram: #adultballpit #jumpin #pearlfisher @pearlfisherlive

Enjoy the pictures…which one do you like best?