The Waves • Designer System

Portable Fabric Wall Screens

The Waves Collection reconfigures into the AirWaves, GateWaves and WaveLength fabric structures. They all love large, cavernous, un-focused spaces.

This series of stretch-fabric and frame structures, have a multitude of  configurations allowing YOU to become the designer.  Of course we can help you through it or we do it for you. Designed with this system to create your own size and shape AirWaves, GateWaves and Wave Lengths for your particular situation.

This modular system of interchangeable parts allows tremendous versatility of size, shape, style and function. It’s a modern-day Erector Set.




AirWaves tension fabric ribbons

Suspended from above, these gravity-defying Airwaves are 2’ wide and can be made to any length and shape. From single or compound curves to straight rails, AirWaves appear to undulate in space and draw attention to a dance floor, trade show booth or any typically uninvolved space.

Their own rhythm is dramatized with lighting and the magnetic lure of these magical “carpets” proves irresistible.


Fabric Arch Stage Set Design

Printed ScreenArches

Printed ScreenArch entryway

Here, these GateWaves structures are floor-supported and configured as high-impact arched entryways and here shown as our Deco Arch stage set Backdrop design.

Success is in finding just the right design products…and with the inherent diversity of the Waves, they are the perfect tool for you to make “WOW!”

Portable Fabric Wall Screens
WaveLengths portable walls

Free Standing WaveLengths vary from 4’, 6′ and 8′ heights and can be made to any length and shape. From single or compound curves to straight rails, WaveLengths divide or conceal space and focus your product.

Of course you can conceal unsightly spaces by  making certain parts disappear allowing a fresh white surface to accept your logo through lighting or fabric printing.

Check in and let us guide you through this creative process to get to the exact tension fabric structures that is right for you!