The SeeShell Tunnel

This Limitless Tunnel is 140' long, color changing with light and projection
The dramatic SeeShell Tunnel does just that as it captures the imagination and transitions guests into another world – your own creative expression, a fantastic environment worthy of such an entrance.

Spontaneous selfie's allow your event goers to connect with their networks
Flexible Fabric Tunnels

The best part of the SeeShell Tunnel is its limitless possibilities – 20’long modular sections that can be contracted to 15’ or expanded seamlessly, by zipping 20’ sections together to extend the length to the specific dimensions of the space.

The Originators design entryways knowing there’s only one first impression. That initial experience needs to be a memorable, high-impact “Wow!” announcing “you’ve arrived” and setting the tone for what’s to come.

Tunnels enhance your event entryways!
Tunnel Rounds Corner

Available for rent in White, we can custom build in any stock color. However, with such high-achieving lighting and projection systems available today, the white SeeShell Tunnel can be transformed into your own color palette as it affords a perfect surface for any type of lighting display.

And you can add twists and turns with a 90degree “elbow,” allowing your enclosure to maneuver within and around other elements in the space.

Packs small, plays big.

And the limitless possibilities extend to the use of flexible ribbing so the SeeShell Tunnel can be widened or narrowed, raised or lowered.