Discover why businesses like yours need The Originators
design and fabric structures to stay “WOW!”

The Originators creative niche is 3-D space design, fabric décor installations and live special effects for events, exhibits, environments and experiences.

Your initial design concepts lack focus and pizzazz?
The Originators bring clarity and excitement.

Your stage set is boring and old?
The Originators’ creative fabric solutions make your stage fresh and dynamic.

You’ve got solid designs still needing that certain something?
The Originators ingenuity will make you an award-winner.

You’re invited to engage in The Originators’ Creative Collaboration – an exhilarating process designed to inspire innovation and transform your project, from concept to creation, in an exciting and strategic way.

We’ve been doing this for years, just not under The Originators tag.

The founders of The Originators initially earned their “ooohs” and “aaahs,” years ago, by creating unique, attention-getting tension fabric shapes and forms designed to enliven events, exhibits, environments and experiences.

We’re still originating after all these years.

These artistically-driven fabric structures set the standard as THE design element in a variety of applications -
*Enhance environments with a custom-designed, three-dimensional tension-fabric ceiling treatment that adds intimacy to a spacious, generic venue.
* Introduce attention-getting costumes in an experiential marketing campaign and watch things come alive.
*Install a unique sculptural element that becomes a focal point for a large space.
The Originators’ can-do spirit and creativity bring your visions to life with our broad palette of expertise and selection of materials and techniques.

It’s not just fabric structures anymore!

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