Debra Roth



Debra Roth is telling the truth when she says she learned about stretch-fabric from the inside-out. Beginning in the heyday of the 80’s performance art movement, Debra created art in motion by the live animation of abstract, sculptural forms and costumes made of stretch-fabric that she, literally, performed within. And to enhance the theatrical experience, she designed and sewed brightly-colored, highly imaginative stretch-fabric stage set elements – complete environments, all of which became the basis of her business, almost thirty years ago.

Seeing a viable outlet for her work, Debra entered the special event marketplace where her innovative stretch-fabric structures and unique costumes have become the most sought-after and long-standing decorative design products the industry has known. Debra has worked with some of the most recognizable brands in the world; Victoria’s Secret, Proctor and Gamble, Macy’s and MTV, to name a few, and has popularized such signature products as the “Tree of Life,” the “Hourglass Diva” costume and the “Circle Surround,” among many others.

As an innovator in the industry she has continued to combine unique ideas and materials while bringing new products to the events arena. Her visuals and designs continue to win awards and accolades in all markets, capped by her  presidency of the ILEA, Metro-NY Chapter.

Debra is The Originators’ co-founder, creative director, head of design and co-director of marketing. She’s a fierce practitioner of Bikeshare, an avid gym-rat (we mean that in a nice way) and a social media maven. And Debra has never met a flea market she didn’t want to check out.

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Marc Posnock



“Hello, this is Marc, how can I help you?”
It’s the first voice you hear when you call the Originators. Distinctive and full, most callers think it’s a recording so Marc has taken to varying his modulation so they’ll stay on the line.

The resonant sound of his voice has been his calling card for as long as he can remember, from recording voice-overs for TV commercials to “When I was in first grade, sitting in the back of the class, and was whispering – or what I thought was whispering – to a friend, the sound travelled all the way to the front of the room, snapping the teacher to attention. She warned me that my voice was too strong to speak quietly.”

Marc’s sure to point out, though, that it’s the content of his voice rather than the “delivery system,” that’s truly distinctive. His over-25 years experience in the industry gives his words a resonance and authority that his clients appreciate and value.

Serving as a director of sales and marketing, he broadened the appeal of fabric structures by establishing a common language and educating the industry on the infinite uses of this artistically-driven decorative display. He de-mystified the innovative designs to the uninitiated and through his attention to detail and considerable expertise, devised sales and marketing methods and techniques that are commonplace today.

Marc has been a pioneer in the industry. His list of prestigious projects over the  years include the Academy Awards, the Easter Egg Roll at the White House, the Kentucky Derby, all the windows at Saks Fifth Avenue, the California Academy of Science, and the Guggenheim Museum to name a few.

He prides himself on steadily built sales through critical relationships that are the cornerstone for the company’s growth and account for their solid position as industry leader. He is proud to still count many of his original clients among his loyal following today.

Marc is The Originators’ co-founder and director of sales and marketing. He’s a passionate baseball fan, a serious dog lover and, when not on the phone or writing emails, is watching baseball or a movie.

Adam Kesner

2D Design

Adam Kesner is that go-to guy that every successful company seems to have. He was the second most senior member of the former fabric structure company., (under Debra, of course) and served as the company web master and 2D designer for over 10 years. His impressive and broad array of skills – from marketing and graphic design to prepping print-ready artwork and web site design and construction – provides The Originators with a ‘Jack of all trades’ that gives the company an immediate advantage.

Adam brings a keen insight and quick-study capability to the creative collaborative process and the benefits of his participation in helping to develop strategies for clients differentiates The Originators from others.

Adam is The Originators’ 2D designer, supreme web master and original member of the team. He keeps himself intellectually limber by hosting trivia challenges all over New York City. When not refereeing Trivial Disputes, Adam is plugged in to his music or drawing.

Hang Rok Cho

3D Design

Hang Rok Cho, the newest member of the Originators, is a 3D designer extraordinaire. He recently completed the graduate program at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York, with a degree in exhibit design. Prior to that, Hang Rok studied furniture design in South Korea. His fluency in all the 3d modeling and imaging programs along with his own design aesthetic, Eastern influence and unbridled imagination brings a unique dimension to the Originators work.

“In my studies, I realized how important a space is in its affect on creatures and objects…and how significant objects within that space impact people’s focus and concentration. Consequently, I aim to create memorable and meaningful environmental designs that affect people in a positive way. And by harnessing my inspirations and applying my own experience, I create designs that are more memorable and effective.”

Hang Rok loves being in New York City and spends his spare time exploring the abundance of art and design on view throughout the city.

Steve Kraftsow

Content Production

Steve Kraftsow is a renowned visual storyteller who has been creating leading brand content of the highest standards for the advertising, television network and corporate industry for over 30 years. Through his company, Boomtown, Inc, which he founded in 1994, Steve enjoys a highly touted reputation throughout the industry. Known for a keen inventiveness in design along with broad technical skills he has directed, edited and created motion graphic design treatments for a vast number of New York advertising agencies, corporations and television networks including Grey Global, Saatchi & Saatchi, J.W. Thompson, Y&R, Publicis, Ogilvy & Mather, HBO, CurrentTV and BBDO for such diverse clients as Miller Brewing Co., Loreal, Pfizer, MetLife, AT&T, Bell South, Coca Cola, MTV, Sprint , Boehringer-Ingelheim and The New York Jets, to name but a fraction of them. His work has appeared in every conceivable format including national broadcast, wide feature release, live stadium events and large scale projection. Prior to opening Boomtown in 1994, Steve was a founding partner in Crew Cuts, Inc, in 1986, another well established New York firm.

Steve is the chief content producer for new technology. He, too, is an original Originator and, when not behind a camera or editing console, can be found playing his custom guitar or walking his invisible dog, Dr. Irony.

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