We Create

High Impact Visuals

Through the use of innovative fabric structures, the Originators create clever and inventive designs for your clients to make a bold impression, build visual excitement and increase brand awareness.

With our considerable knowledge and experience in event production and 3-D Design, the Originators are uniquely positioned to take you from original design concepts and proto-typing to full-scale installation, helping you realize the full potential of your project.

You’re invited to engage in a spirited Creative Collaboration where we’ll help define your concepts and goals and devise fresh, practical solutions.

Ultimately, the Originators specialize in high-impact visual designs that, especially in this age of social media connectivity,

inspire images worth sharing…and that’s saying something.

We Rent & Sell

Tension Fabric Structures

figure skating

The Originators rental program – with a deep inventory of signature fabric structures along with an evocative line of Social Media Décor and an erector-set-like modular system of interchangeable parts – solves a wide array of decorative and functional needs with a unique custom-design that’s right off-the-shelf.

You can also purchase an Originators Original design… or have something custom made to your own specs…we take you from concept and proto-type to an uncompromised, highly effective finished product.

We also customize existing structures through printing or color.

Originators sculptural stretch-fabric structures, temporary and permanent, are used in variety of ways – from free-standing walls as room dividers and space articulators to transitional tunnels or arches as entryways, three-dimensional structures as signage and way-finding elements to multi-layered, dramatic stage set design or backdrops – and provide an exciting array of solutions.

We Wow!

Imaginitive, Bold, Exciting, & Memorable

Originators stretch-fabric structures are made to be noticed…to engage the imagination, spark an emotion and elicit a response from you…and from your client.

We’re proud of all our work and would like to share some of our particularly inspiring successes of late where our solutions for a unique set of challenges left the client especially thrilled.

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