holiday 2013 - 01I like to window shop, but what I really mean is I like to look at the design, décor and creativity of the window display in NYC, especially at holiday time. There always seems to be a common theme or thread each time period that I view, and it seems to say what we are all thinking about, the collective creative unconscious if you will.

This year I am going to try to stay ahead of the curve and bring you some photos every day.  Why not?  I will also be stating my favs as we go forward, and in the next few weeks the best visuals will be revealed.

I am beginning with one that is typically one of the best, and this year doesn’t disappoint!

Bergdorf Goodman is showing windows with a holiday throughout the year theme. These windows are lush and beautiful as they often are. Loaded with details and intricate places to look with varied materials these holiday spectacular window displays really do make you google and oogle for real (no internet required)!

I am already seeing the passing of time as a theme emerging as well as ice, the icy times ahead perhaps?  After all it is winter in December and that makes us think Winter Wonderland.

Enjoy the photos. Get out live because the Bergdorf windows really are great and as an added bonus, the product windows on the sides and the décor in the store are magnificent as well.

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