It’s September 8, 2013 and The rope sculptures in Madison Square Park, MadSqArt – was ending today.  And the inside of the installations were open.  Let’s go, I thought!

This summer I walked through the park many a time to see the Mad. Sq. Art, Orly Genger Sculptures.  They are Rope  –  knotted / knitted / crochet….(read about the trend I spotted last year) – some painted the color – stacked in different configurations creating walls and interior spaces.

“Genger’s work artfully transcends the perceived limits of the materials she employs. This Mad. Sq. Art commission consists of 1.4 million feet of rope—the total length equating to nearly 20 times the length of Manhattan—covered in over 3,500 gallons of paint, and weighing over an astounding 100,000 pounds. Red, Yellow and Blue employs repurposed rope collected from hundreds of miles up and down the Eastern seaboard, bringing elements of the coastline to the urban setting of Madison Square Park – See more at: MadSqArt

I love the installation and experience that takes over as you view Red, Yellow and Blue.
Enjoy, as you too can take a look at the Red, Yellow and Blue –  through the season…

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